SIVA Train the Trainer w/ Incentive Option

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What Is The Incentive? The Incentive is organizations currently using other comparable crisis prevention systems like CPI & Mandt can complete the prerequisite Orientation in only one-day on August 24th th  versus the standard two days. After which, they can immediately join the Train the Trainer session on August 25 th  to 27 th
Participants who have already completed the Orientation Course prior to this, can simply begin the Train the Trainer session on August 25 th .
*This is a rare incentive option that honours professional experience and knowledge while maximizing training time and the integrity of the SIVA model.
The following are the core modules of the SIVA Safety Management Program:
  • Self-Care; identify and manage compassion fatigue through self-introspection and support systems
  • Proactive Safety Management Evaluations
  • Development of Collaborative WISE Plans
  • Development of Communication Skills that are goal-directed and build upon Collaborative WISE Plans
  • Emergency Safety Interventions for those situations that present an imminent risk of harm to self or others
  • Post interventions Management through environmental safety, debriefing and incident report writing

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