Maladaptive Behaviour & Violent Video Games

Maladaptive Behaviour & Violent Video Games2018-12-20T10:30:08-08:00

Project Description

Educators, Therapists and Parents alike often witness the adverse impact of violent video games on the behaviour of children and youth. High repetition exposure to violent images and themes that objectify people influences how our brain perceives danger, social mores and adaptability. In this course, we will explore the neuroscience research of violent video game exposure and the relationship between violent video games and maladaptive behaviour among children and youth including persons with Autism, FASD and histories of trauma. Case examples will be presented to elucidate the impact followed by a collaborative, relationship-based approach to work with youth and balance this interest.

Learning Objectives

  1. Determine the most consistent and salient findings of the neuroscience research on violent video game exposure, the impact on brain functioning and interpersonal relationships.
  2. Demonstrate how violent video games can influence perception and social emotional processing of interpersonal relationships.
  3. Explore case examples of the impact of violent video games on children and youth including persons with Autism, FASD and histories of trauma.
  4. Given the neuro-psychosocial research on the impact of violent video games, determine the presence or absence of maladaptive behaviour and classify it by type and severity.
  5. Identify the aspects of a violent video game, including content, emotional response and frequency of exposure that lend to opportunities for intervention and collaborative support.
  6. Demonstrate collaborative, relationship-based approaches to engage children and youth in constructive ways to balance interests and reduce exposure to violent video games.
  7. Create a treatment or support plan that includes an aspect of a violent video game.

This training can be presented as a 1-2hr information session or a half day – full day workshop for organizations. Upon request, it can be adapted to broad audiences and specialized for Therapist / Psychologists and/or mental health professionals with advanced base knowledge.

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