Team Building: The Power of Psychological Safety

Team Building: The Power of Psychological Safety2020-05-29T00:13:41-07:00

Project Description

Every successful organization aspires to build grounding and innovative management, leadership that inspires change and is attuned to the capacity and functioning of teams, to cultivate an environment wherein the mutual respect of employees stirs creativity and constructive feedback however, for many organizations, the variables that allow us to achieve these goals can be elusive, precarious and seemingly driven by chance.

Workplace Development research on the Power of Psychological Safety has been mounting over the last few decades and the overwhelming conclusion is that Psychological Safety is one of the most pivotal and essential factors to the development of workplace culture and team success. The research evidence is so compelling that numerous Fortune 500 companies including Google have committed multiple resources and copious amounts of time realizing the Power of Psychological Safety.

Psychological Safety can be described as the unwritten norms or rules of an organization, the shared belief or tacit social mores of how employees are valued and respected, how ideas are generated and movement / change occurs when a challenge or problem arises. Psychological Safety is the felt experience of safety and is the catalyst and medium through which an organization’s culture is realized and maintained.

While the structure and systems of an organization provide a framework for growth and the hiring of competent employees assist with the application of a business plan, it is group cohesion, the quality of interpersonal dynamics and ‘Psychological Safety’ that profoundly influences productivity, efficiency and employee retention.

In this course you will learn how Psychological Safety can benefit your business.

Psychological Safety Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will be presented the overwhelming and compelling research on the Power of Psychological Safety and its benefits.
  2. Increase participant sensitivity to individual and group engagement and feedback.
  3. Through case example and group based exercises strengthen team Psychological Safety with the qualitative factors of understanding, acceptance and respectful support.
  4. Provide participants with a progressive method to improve Psychological Safety and in turn, the frequency and quality of interactions among team members.
  5. Begin discussions on how to develop and expand a model of Psychological Safety for an entire organization for greater productivity and efficiency.

This training can be presented as a 1-2hr information session or a half day – full day workshop for organizations. Upon request, it can be adapted to broad audiences and specialized for Managers / Leaders and/or Human Resource / Wellness Program professionals with strong base knowledge.

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