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Dr. Don Castaldi is one of the founders of S.I.V.A. Training Ltd. (Supporting Individuals through Valued Attachments). SIVA is a Canadian-based provider of specialized support and safety management services to national and international education, therapy, residential and inpatient programs responsible for children, youth and adults with emotional and behavioural challenges, neurodevelopmental delays, dual diagnosis, brain injury, histories of trauma and perpetration of abuse.

Grounded in the neuroscience research of emotion, regulation and executive functioning and with an advanced understanding of the developmental dynamics of attachment, resilience and adaptation; the SIVA model uniquely guides systemic thought and accountability while actively valuing individuals being supported to ensure sustainable change.

SIVA Training’s holistic, relationship-based model of support effectively utilizes collaboration, goal-direction, self-management and healthy empowerment to strengthen relationships and create safety with individuals with challenging behaviours and complex needs. The SIVA philosophy and guiding principles therein inspire problem solving, decision-making and systemic change in how programs and families establish and maintain safety. The SIVA model is further represented by clear and concise relationship-based strategies of support that participants are able to apply immediately upon completion of the training. Educators, mental health professionals, direct support staff and families have embraced the SIVA model as a refreshing alternative to crisis-focused programs and as a reminder of the power of healthy relationships.

The SIVA model is represented in the following training programs:

SIVA Hallmark Two-Day Base Training Program

In this training, participants receive comprehensive guided instruction of the SIVA model and the grounding principles therein. In each module of the training participants receive clear and concise relationship-based strategies on how to apply the SIVA model.

SIVA Train the Trainer Program

In this training participants acquire greater breadth and depth of knowledge of SIVA’s holistic relationship based model and guiding principles. The participants are also given guided instruction on how to effectively present the SIVA model and are further educated on the diversity of SIVA’s application in support of people.

The following are the General Learning Objectives of the SIVA Training Programs.

Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will learn how SIVA’s holistic relationship based model, philosophy and guiding principles can be utilized as a systemic blueprint for program development and team decision making.
  2. Participants will learn individual and group based approaches to self-care and develop a greater understanding of compassion fatigue and the invaluable benefits of self-care in relation to supporting others.
  3. Participants will be introduced to proactive tools that provide ‘must know information’ and collaborative efforts to establish and strengthen relationships between professionals, families and persons being supported.
  4. Participants will learn how the SIVA model reduces power struggles and issues related to compliance and successfully foster a sense of belonging and community with persons being supported. Participants will learn how the SIVA model encourages self-management and healthy empowerment to build resilience and sustainable change.
  5. Participants will develop a greater understanding of emergency situations, policy regarding emergency situations, respectful and responsible use of emergency safety interventions and how to convert emergency situations into positive learning experiences.
  6. Participants will learn how the SIVA model can be utilized in various settings and work seamlessly with positive behaviour supports, self-regulation, attachment focused programming, community inclusion and inclusive education.

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