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Commitment and Effort

At DC Waterstone our multi-service organization is founded on a commitment to increase understanding of human behaviour and inspire people and groups to thrive and grow irrespective of circumstance, mental health or history. Toward this commitment, we have made a deliberate decision to prevent the furtherance of abuse and exploitation by providing Forensic and Trauma services that increase understanding of criminal behaviour and victim impact while strengthening criminal justice tools of engagement, interviewing and investigation of dangerous persons. Our advocacy for community safety and restorative justice is well balanced by our Clinical Services… our proactive efforts, to support children, youth and families who are navigating life with strained relationships, neurodevelopment challenges and/or mental illness. The inception of SIVA Training Ltd. brought about a dedication to safe schools and a holistic, relationship based approach to education. Our Workplace Development Services derives from an understanding that healthy work environments not only equates to productivity and advancement for organizations, it has the profound secondary effect of improving the quality of life of employees and all relationships connected to them. DC Waterstone’s diverse multi-service organization is impactful and attuned to our diverse world. 


Dr. Don Castaldi is the founder and Executive Director of DC Waterstone Services. He has a doctorate in clinical psychology with specializations in attachment, trauma and forensics. Dr. Castaldi has over 25 years of experience and is a perennial advisor and international speaker. His extensive education, training and work experience have all contributed to the formation of this comprehensive and multi-service organization.

Dr. Castaldi has been celebrated for his knowledge, insight and ability to understand complex cases and transform how professionals think and engage the people they support. Throughout all segments of his clinical, organizational and forensic work, the understanding of resilience, relational dynamics and the building of sustainable models of support have been paramount.

Origins of the DC Waterstone name:

The name DC Waterstone reflects the challenging and dynamic process of change. While DC represents Dr. Castaldi’s initials, ‘Stone’ represents the harden, immovable and seemingly insurmountable issues people and organizations face.  ‘Waterstone’ captures how flowing water can shape and mould even the hardest and jagged of stones.

The expectations of referring organizations are always to provide greater knowledge, insight, hope, direction and sustainable change. DC Waterstone Services exceed expectations, create change and help people and organizations reshape their experience for a healthy future.