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DC Waterstone Workplace Development Services provides consultation / training to organizations on topics of mental health, wellness, trauma and the establishment of sustainable approaches to strengthen workplace culture and employee development. Celebrated for our wealth of knowledge and innovative, holistic approach to workplace dynamics, DC Waterstone Workplace Development Services expound upon the strength and resilience of an organization to inspire employee – management relationships and shape workplace culture.

Among the many types of consultations offered by DC Waterstone Workplace Development Services the organization is particularly valued for its Guided Process Interviewing and Case Analysis, Multidisciplinary Team Collaborative Approach, RTW Program Development, Trauma Informed Employee Support, Wellness and Self Care Support, Mental Health Initiatives and Workplace Violence – Risk Reduction Programming.

DC Waterstone Workplace Development Services has the keen insight and depth of experience to answer the questions faced by many organizations in the world today. For instance:

  • What are the individual and group dynamics that determine a successful and sustainable team?
  • How do I teach a management team, with exceptional technical knowledge but limited interpersonal skills, how to lead, develop and inspire employees?
  • How can I ensure the safe and successful ‘Return To Work’ of an employee enduring mental health and addiction issues while maintaining the productivity, efficiency and integrity of a job?
  • How do I provide compassionate and effective support to employees who have endured trauma at work or in their community?
  • How do I maximize the benefits of an E.A.P. program while honouring confidentiality and employee competency standards?
  • We have spent thousands of dollars in developing our H.R. and Wellness Departments with limited impact on employee morale, how can I take a measured, purposeful approach to shaping workplace culture?

DC Waterstone’s empirically guided, collaborative, holistic approach to answering these questions and numerous others can change the trajectory of your organization and make the difference you’ve been seeking.

Consultation length of time, fees, resource accessibility and deliverables are determined on a case by case basis.

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