Self Awareness & Attachment Styles

Self Awareness & Attachment Styles2018-12-20T10:31:07-08:00

Project Description

There is infinite value and empowerment that derives from the belief that a significant other (friend, family, love interest, student, colleague / leader) has your best interest at heart…that is, you intellectually and emotional feel that his/she is attuned to how you organize, process and experience information and he/she attempts to engage, inspire, support and possible educate you with this in mind. Attachments are unique, enduring and emotionally charged relational patterns that inform how people engage and navigate with one another. Our attachment patterns are the catalyst and medium through which people experience and grow in relationships.

During this training we will explore the formation, function and expression of various attachment patterns and learn how increased self awareness can positively influence our relationships. To acknowledge people of all ages and diverse life experiences we will consider various biopsychosocial developmental influences on attachment. Through the use of empirically guided material, group discussion and case examples participants will achieve a greater understanding of themselves, attachment patterns and the vulnerability / resilience of how he/she relates to others. While not required, participants who have completed S.I.V.A. (Supporting Individuals through Valued Attachments) Training, this presentation will also serve to expand the breath and depth of one’s knowledge and application of the model.

Learning Objectives

1) Introduce various biopsychosocial developmental influences on attachment that evolve throughout one’s life.

2) Demonstrate the formation, function and expression of various self protective attachment patterns.

3) Increase self awareness of one’s attachment pattern and secondary self protective strategies.

4) Explore contrasting attachment patterns between family, professionals and students.

5) Identify various successful methods of attachment support that implicitly communicate a “best interest at heart” effort.

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