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DC Waterstone believes that it is the ethical obligation of all professionals and clinicians to contribute and advance his/her respective fields. Toward this effort, DC Waterstone has made a significant commitment to elevate the knowledge, insight and skills of all professionals in education and clinical related fields. While many of the education and training opportunities offered by DC Waterstone are given in conjunction with consultations and ongoing advisory support, all training can be provided as stand alone education and capacity building opportunities.

All education and training experiences, including listed-established topics, are individualized and adapted to audience knowledge, experience and expectation to ensure participants receive the maximum benefit of the session.

All education and training experiences can be offered on a Half Day, Full Day and Series basis. Agencies and professionals can request to participate in a training and/or have the option to host a training at a reduced cost. While it is not possible to list every potential topic or training, interested professionals are encouraged to request specialized topics that may not be listed below and best address a particular issue.

DC Waterstone has provided a comprehensive description of three frequently requested trainings in Maladaptive Behaviour & Violent Video Games, What We Need To Know To Protect Our Children and Self Awareness & Attachment Styles.

Other well recognized and popular topics:

  • Having a Relationship with a Personality Disorder
  • Reunification of Families with Trauma: How to Create Safety
  • Couples Therapy: Social Media and Online Pornography
  • Oppositional Defiant Disorder and Trauma Reactive Behaviour
  • Perspective Taking and Building Resilience
  • Chaotic Relationships: Real or Imagined Fear of Abandonment