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Building individual and team capacity and creating functional approaches for change, DC Waterstone Services provides clinical consultation and advisory that improves the quality of life for everyone involved.

  • Are you looking for answers to a disorder, condition or situation that other professionals are struggling to understand or explain?
  • Do you find that your current resources provide some clarity to aspects of your situation however struggle to address the dynamic in its entirety?
  • Do you believe your resources or multidisciplinary team possess an understanding of an individual and/or of the presenting challenges though lack acceptance of that understanding and are limited to establish a functional plan of support that fosters change?
  • Do you believe that your team is intervention-driven but lacks a systemic approach, principles and accountability to frame the interventions?
  • Do you believe your team has training, knowledge and support however struggles to apply the information consistently and predictably to cultivate change?

If you answered yes to any of the above stated questions fully or in part, DC Waterstone Clinical Services can be the answer and will make a difference.

DC Waterstone Services has provided hundreds of consultations and advisory support to individuals and teams from New York and Chicago to First Nations communities as far north as Inuvik, NT.

Celebrated for creating a guided developmental framework of support, shaping systemic decision making, and encouraging respectful and adaptable interventions, DC Waterstone Services is a thoughtful balance of psychology and neuroscience with intuition, compassion and a profound respect for the growth and adaptability of human beings.

DC Waterstone Services adheres to a strengths-based perspective of psychopathology and insists on individual and/or group alignment and attunement to family and community of origin core beliefs.

Throughout all segments of DC Waterstone Clinical Services, the understanding of resilience, relational dynamics and the building of collaborative, sustainable models of support are all paramount.

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Consultation length of time, fees, resource accessibility and deliverables are determined on a case by case basis. ….Request for Clinical Consultation – Advisory Support Services Form…..

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