Bill’s Place Support Services

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Bill’s Place Support Services is a group of skilled and committed professionals dedicated to providing housing and personalized support to individuals whose lives have been impacted by acquired / congential brain injury, trauma and dual diagnosis. Offering inpatient to community transitional support, full residential personal care and supported independent living, Bill’s Place is truly a community within a community. Bill’s Place has become recognized nationally for developing a compassionate approach that empowers and preserves the dignity of individuals with brain injuries while successfully engaging challenging multi-systemic community resources.

In 2016, CBC National News acknowledged the organization with a spotlight documentary and in the same year the Brain Injury Association of Canada celebrated Bill’s Place efforts with an award for Advancements in the Field of Brain Injury.

Due to impoverished funding and limited clinical resources knowledgable about the impact of brain injury, DC Waterstone Services and Dr. Don Castaldi have donated countless hours to help Bill’s Place adopt a collaborative, neuropsychosocial and spiritual model of care that is specific to individuals with brain injury and that ultimately guides staff decision making and fosters an environment that inspires participation and individual development.

As a perennial Clinical Advisor to Bill’s Place, DC Waterstone Services provided the organization with trainings specific to community support and brain injury; case direction and planning related to a host of comorbid issues such as physical trauma, mental Illness, addiction, violence and forensic matters; and has guided management in the application of their collaborative support initiative.

DC Waterstone Services and Dr. Don Castaldi were honoured to join Bill’s Place founder Bill Hicks in discussing the organization and the collaborative, neuropsychosocial and spiritual model of care at the 2017 Trauma Association of Canada conference.