SIVA Orientation Course

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Location: Edmonton, AB

Venue: ERLC Office: Room 20, 16325-83 Ave, Edmonton Alberta

Date: May 15th and 16th 2019

Cost: TBA

Type: Region Specific Session

Hosted by Edmonton Regional Learning Consortium (ERLC)

SIVA stands for Supporting Individuals through Valued Attachments and is a holistic, relationship-based model that effectively utilizes collaboration, goal-direction, self-management and healthy empowerment to strengthen relationships and create safety with persons with challenging behaviours and complex needs. An alternative to crisis-focused programs, the SIVA philosophy and guiding principles inspire problem solving, decision making and systemic change in how programs establish and maintain safety. The SIVA model is further represented by clear and concise relationship-based strategies of support that participants are able to apply immediately upon completion of the training. For more information on SIVA Training go to

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