What We Need to Know To Protect Our Children From Abuse

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Location: Nanaimo, BC

Venue: TBA

Date: May 31st, 2019

Type: One Day Training

Cost: $250 per person, Early bird special $200 (ends April 31st, 2019)

Learning Objectives

  1. Determine the development, patterns and approach of various types of sexual predators.
  2. Utilizing case examples, determine numerous psychological, social, emotional, environmental and developmental vulnerabilities that advantage a sexual predator.
  3. Demonstrate the value of understanding child attachment, active safety plans, perception of self and perception of others who are bigger, stronger, older and possibly in charge.
  4. Identify the vulnerabilities and resilience of appointing an adult to be responsible for your child; including teachers, coaches, babysitters and mentoring programs.
  5. Participants will learn collaborative, proactive strategies that consider functional application and the capacity of the family and child.
  6. Participants will be introduced to the implications of offender-family reunifications and efforts to protect all vulnerable members of the family.
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