Footholds Therapy Center

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Inspired by children and families, Footholds Therapy Centre offers education and therapy programming to children and youth with neurodevelopment disorders, mental illness and emotional / behavioural challenges. The programs are facilitated by a multidisciplinary team of BC Certified Teachers, Behaviour Interventionists, Behavioural Analysts, Speech Language Pathologists, Occupational Therapists, Art Therapists and advisory psychologists and psychiatrists. The Centre combines clinical judgement with compassion and hope to create a therapeutic environment in which goals are realized. It is Footholds belief that this blend of clinical knowledge and compassion creates results that improve the lives of children and their families.

DC Waterstone Services and Dr. Castaldi have been a perennial advisor to Footholds since its inception in 2010. Footholds direction, values and commitment to supporting children and youth with a myriad of developmental issues is seamless interwoven with DC Waterstone’s efforts to find a functional approach to expand understanding and improve the quality of life of those being supported.

DC Waterstone Services provides advisory support in the areas of program development, case analysis, therapeutic support and intervention. There has been a considerable commitment to ensure program leaders and direct support interventionists remain current with relevant clinical schools of thought and most importantly competent in his/her application of diverse comprehensive plans.

Consultation and training has also been provided on a myriad of topics ranging from holistic safety, trauma reactive behaviour and attachment to play therapy and leadership development. DC Waterstone Services in collaboration with Footholds Therapy Centre has developed a neurodevelopment-psychosocial-emotional and spiritual support model that grounds decision making and therapeutic intervention in the fundamentals of collaboration and resilience.