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​Retained Advisory Support: Lowtide Resources

Lowtide Resources is a fully CARF accredited agency that promotes community inclusion and person directed planning for individuals with forensic and mental health complex care needs. Working within a relationship based service delivery model, the organization’s primary goals are to promote overall health, well-being, resilience for individuals being supported and foster community safety. All support, planning and programming are achieved through a bio-psycho-social-spiritual lens.

DC Waterstone’s Advisory Support of Lowtide Resources has included the following areas:

Forensic Support ranging from expert testimony, probation – police community liaison and staffing consultation and training on issues related to sexual abuse, theft, stalking and violence.

Clinical Support specific to consultation and training for mental health challenges such as Trauma, Psychosis, Bipolar Disorder, Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and A.R.N.D., Borderline Personality Disorder, Anti-Social Personality Disorder, Psychopathy, Autism and other Neuro-developmental Disorders.

Organization Support specific to the development of a relationship based bio-psycho-social and spiritual systemic model of growth that guides staff decision making and accountability while fostering collaboration and healthy empowerment for those being supported.

For more information about Lowtide Resources and the comprehensive services provided please go to www.lowtideresources.com