Interviewing Sex Offenders

Interviewing Sex Offenders2018-12-20T10:30:44-08:00

Project Description

While the research and study of sexually abusive behaviour and the secondary impact of trauma has increased exponentially over the last 20 years, it remains in its infancy compared to other fields. As a society and culture we are repulsed by the mere mention of sexual abuse and tend to harbour great disdain for those who commit such acts. Discussions of unchanging behaviour, high recidivism and retributive justice inform our media and influence how professionals approach and engage offenders.

Throughout this presentation participants will explore the development, patterns and broad diversity of sexually abuse behaviour. A dynamic, developmental approach will be taken to adequately address offenders across the life span including typologies for children, youth and adults. An interview profiling model will be introduced to assist professionals in creating a framework and approach to interviewing that considers the disposition, functional capacity and presentation of the interviewee.

A guided decision tree will accompany the profile as to maximize the disclosure of information and address interviewee resistance and oppositional behaviour. Based upon available information, the profile will be informed by the developmental dynamics, approach / avoidance patterns of the interviewee, forensic victimology, relational patterns toward the alleged victim and professionals, a cost / benefit analysis of disclosures and balance of defensible evidence.

Learning Objectives

  1. Explore the development, patterns and diversity of sexually abusive behaviour including typologies for child, youth and adult offenders.
  2. Demonstrate a biopsychosocial-spiritual interview-profiling model that includes forensic victimology.
  3. Identify a guided decision tree to navigate a holistic interview successfully.
  4. Apply the proposed interview-profiling model to sex offender case material.
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