Trauma Informed Employee Support Program

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Project Description

Never before in our history has there been such a calling and need to understand the impact of trauma on people in the workplace and in life. Trauma Informed Employee Support (T.I.E.S.) is a program designed to help organizations increase awareness and knowledge of trauma and to guide the development of trauma informed programming for Human Resources and Managerial positions.

A traumatic event can alter a person’s sense of safety, one’s ability to problem solve and make decisions and can adversely impact previously established levels of functioning. By increasing our knowledge of trauma and ensuring that one’s self care and external supports match this understanding, professionals can reduce the risk of re-traumatization and positively influence recovery.

T.I.E.S. Course Description

Gather insight and advanced strategies of support in the following areas.

  1. The role of organizational structure and culture on employee trauma support.
  2. Trauma – rewiring of the brain and the secondary development of self-protective adaptive and maladaptive coping strategies.
  3. Trauma impact on relationships, previously established levels of functioning and productivity in the workplace.
  4. Trauma impact on executive functioning and new learning.
  5. How uninformed support is vulnerable to exacerbating the impact of trauma and derailing recovery/healing efforts.
  6. Common errors and challenges of E.A.P.s, Human Resource, Wellness and Managerial support of people impacted by trauma.
  7. Building resilience and helpful trauma informed support.
  8. Maximizing the value and contribution of Return to Work efforts with the T.I.E.S. Program.
  9. Understanding and navigating the interpersonal dynamics of supporting a person when the trauma occurred in the workplace secondary to the environment or another employee.
  10. Evolving workplace culture and employee support to include mental health initiatives and trauma informed programming.

Register today and learn more about the T.I.E.S. program restorative methods and successful support of employees.

This training can be presented as a 1-2hr information session or a half day – full day workshop for organizations. Upon request, it can be adapted to broad audiences and specialized for Managers / Leaders and/or Human Resource / Wellness Program professionals with strong base knowledge.

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