Psychopaths Who Stalk: Pernicious Attachments Session Two

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Psychopaths Who Stalk: Pernicious Attachments presentation has been designed for a general audience and special interest professionals. Participants with no prior education in this field can build critical awareness and understanding while mental health and criminal justice professionals can expand their knowledge and learn essential attachment based approaches to working with this population. 

Learning Objectives 

  1. Participants of this presentation will be able to differentiate between the developmental and attachment patterns of psychopathic stalkers and non-psychopathic stalkers. 
  2. Utilizing the biopsychosocial traits commonly associated with psychopaths, identify and analyze the impact of early attachment trauma and adaptive and maladaptive         functioning.
  3. Utilizing a Psychopath Stalker case example with forensic victimology, demonstrate the attachment patterns, decision-making process and function of Targeted Victim(s).
  4. Critically evaluate approaches for engagement, interviewing and management of a Psychopath Stalker.

Register Now    **Warning, real life case examples with violent and sexually graphic content.**