Team Building: The Power of Psychological Safety

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While the structure and systems of an organization provide a framework for growth and the hiring of competent employees assist with the application of a business plan, it is group cohesion, the quality of interpersonal dynamics and ‘Psychological Safety’ that profoundly influences productivity, efficiency and employee retention.

In this course you will learn how Psychological Safety can strengthen your teams and build your business.

Team Building; Psychological Safety Learning Objectives

  1. Participants will be presented the overwhelming and compelling research on Team Building and the Power of Psychological Safety.
  2. Learn approaches to increase participant sensitivity to individual and group engagement / feedback.
  3. Through case example and group based exercises strengthen team Psychological Safety with the qualitative factors of understanding, acceptance and respectful support.
  4. Provide participants with a progressive method to improve Psychological Safety and in turn, the frequency and quality of interactions among team members.
  5. Begin discussions on how to develop and expand a model of Psychological Safety for an entire organization for greater productivity and efficiency.

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