Trauma Informed Employee Support Program


Never before in our history has there been such a calling and need to understand the impact of trauma on people in the workplace and in life. Trauma Informed Employee Support (T.I.E.S.) is a program designed to help organizations increase awareness and knowledge of trauma and to guide the development of trauma informed programming for [...]

Stalking & Psychopathy: Pernicious Attachments


People identified as a Stalker or Psychopath often share the relentless and rapacious label of predator however tend to have vastly different clinical profiles and attachment patterns. Stalking is commonly referred to as the persistent and unwanted contact, communication and/or surveillance of an individual by another person or group. As laws and organizational policies [...]

Return To Work Programs & Sustainable Change


Elevate your understanding of Return To Work programming with an innovative, holistic approach to employee support. There are a myriad of reasons an employee may take a leave of absence; from struggling with performance issues and enduring physical or mental health challenges, to workplace conflict and family hardship. The nature, quality and frequency of [...]

Team Building: The Power of Psychological Safety


Every successful organization aspires to build grounding and innovative management, leadership that inspires change and is attuned to the capacity and functioning of teams, to cultivate an environment wherein the mutual respect of employees stirs creativity and constructive feedback however, for many organizations, the variables that allow us to achieve these goals can be [...]

Restorative Justice: Accountability, Empowerment and Community


Restorative justice has been part of Canada’s criminal justice system for over 40 years. Restorative justice is based on an understanding that crime is a violation of people and relationships. The principles of restorative justice are based on respect, compassion and inclusivity. Restorative justice encourages meaningful engagement and accountability and provides an opportunity for healing, [...]

Self Awareness & Attachment Styles


There is infinite value and empowerment that derives from the belief that a significant other (friend, family, love interest, student, colleague / leader) has your best interest at heart...that is, you intellectually and emotional feel that his/she is attuned to how you organize, process and experience information and he/she attempts to engage, inspire, [...]